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UPDATE ON: Low Water Pressure, Pipe Rumbling and Muddy Water

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Biola Residents that were having problems with low water pressure, pipe rumbling and muddy water,

Please note that Mountain Valley environemental; the District water operator, was working on the problem at Well 4 till 1:30am. They found that there was too much air in the hydro tank and had to remove manually and this caused all the problems that residents in the area were having. They are not sure why this occurred and are working diligently to figure it out. They have removed the air and asked for those residents to run their water for a few minutes to release the remaining air and everything should start working normally after a few usages. We apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately we can't control when or if this will happen again but we can keep the community informed to the best of our knowledge. Your patience is appreciated and Mountain Valley Environmental will issue a statement on the findings next week sometime. 

Thank you again, 

The BCSD Staff