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About The District 

Mission Statement "The Board of Directors and District Employees are committed to the ever growing needs of the community by providing high quality services, open lines of communication, promoting community participation and using its resources to build high quality of standards for the people."
An informational brochure detailing services, infrastructure, and aspects of the Biola Community Services District.

The Biola Community Services District (District) is a Special District, providing water, sewer, garbage, and street lighting services to a small unincorporated community of approximately 1,700 residents, public facilities, and businesses. The District is a public entity organized under the provisions of Section 61000 of the California Government Code formed in 1962 to provide water, solid waste disposal, storm drain, community center, and street light services for the unincorporated area of Biola. There are currently an estimated 315 water and wastewater connections in the District providing service to residential and industrial customers.

Service Area

Biola is approximately 13.6 miles northwest of Fresno. The District's boundaries contain about 242 acres, and its Sphere of Influence is about 255 acres. The population is an estimated 1,623 with the population rising during the harvest season for local agriculture.


The District offers several key services, including storm drainage, water supply, sewer management, solid waste disposal, and street lighting. Additionally, we are pleased to host three monthly food distributions.

Biola is also home to important non-profit organizations such as the Biola Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 5845 (VFW Post 5845) and the Biola Chamber of Commerce (BCC).

The District has partnered with Fresno County Rural Transit Agency (FCRTA) to station an electric vehicle in Biola to provide a microtransit transportation service. FCRTA provides public transit services to the rural areas of Fresno County including fixed route and demand response. This is a great opportunity for the community to have access to transportation at low fares. This could be the start of a possibility to bring a a solar powered microgrid and resiliency hub to Biola.

Biola Community Services District, P.O. Box 57, Biola, CA 93606

Phone (559) 843-2657 Fax (559) 843-2275

Email :

Authorizing Statute Enabling Act.pdf

Resolution No. 1651

WHEREAS, On Saturday, August 13, 1994, the new Biola Community Center will be dedicated and open for community use, and it is appropriate to draw the special attention of the public to this significanl event; and
WHEREAS, The Biola Community Center was completed in July and has been the dream of the community since the old center burned down in 1988; and

WHEREAS, The Biola Community Services District was incorporated on November 13, 1962; and
WHEREAS, The original community center, which was donated to the city by the American Legion in 1970, was burned down by an arsonist in February 1988; and

WHEREAS, Providing a location for senior citizens to frequent and youths to congregate, the community center had been the focal point of civic activity; and
WHEREAS, The residents of Biola desperately needed a community center because the
nearest facilities are in Fresno and Kerman, and due to a lack of public transportation, Biolans without personal transportation were unable to travel outside their community; and

WHEREAS, After the fire, the Biola Chamber of Commerce generously lent their facility
to the community whlle thls project was being completed; and

WHEREAS, The new Biola Community Center Is 4,430 square feet and includes a large
recreation room, a meeting room, kitchen facilities, and a picnic area outside, and the facility
will also serve as the office of the community services district; and 
WHEREAS, The cost of the new building was approximately $700,000, and funding was provided by the California Department of Parks and Recreation bond funds, County Community Development Block Grant funds provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and local funds; and
WHEREAS The facility is located on the northwest corner of 7th and "C" Streets, one block south of Shaw Avenue, in the community of Biola, and the town of 1,000 people is located seven miles west of Highway 99 on the south side of Shaw Avenue;

Now, therefore, be lt RESOLVED BY SENATOR PHIL WYMAN, That the attention of the pubhc be drawn to the dedication of the new Biola Community Center which stands as a fine testament to the residents of the area, whoso support of such civic projects displays great community pride. Members Resolution No. 1651
Dated I his 11 th day of August, 1994. Signed by Honorable Phil Wyman 16th Senatorial District

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