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Garbage Rate Increase as of July 1st

The Proposition 218 Election passed in favor of increasing the solid waste rate.
Biola Community Services District received landowner approval through a Proposition 218 election to increase the solid waste rate after receiving less than 50% of protest ballots. The successful results were announced following the Board Meeting on January 19, 2023, which included a public hearing. Voting concluded at the end of the public hearing and the Board Clerk commenced with counting the votes at that time.

Approved through this election, the solid waste rate was set at $28.70 for standard service, taking effect February 2023. While there are different service rates, a 5.5% increase shall be applied annually on July 1st until July 1st, 2026. Landowners can learn more about the classifications and associated rates by reviewing the Schedule of Solid Waste Rates attachment.

Prop 218 Rates Chart- Biola 2023.pdf