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December/January 2016 Newsletter

December 23: TOYS FOR TOTS

December 23: Office Closed For Christmas

December 30: Office will be closed in observance of New Years Day

January 6: Biola Chamber of Commerce meeting at 6:30 pm

January 11: Community Food Bank 8am

January 11: VFW Meeting 6pm

January 19: Biola Pershing Elm Wrestling vs Madison 2pm

January 19: BCSD Board Meeting at 6pm

BCSD is a place to drop off used needles, fluorescent lights and household batteries.  Please use us.

The Biola Chamber of Commerce is always looking for new members who would be willing to help during the big fund raising events of the year:  Biola Raisin Festival in October and the Biola Wine Dinner in May or June.  Please let us know in the BCSD office.


What about grants in Biola?  What has happened to ALL that money we’ve received? 

We have had a few questions from Biolans about grants that we have received to improve things in Biola.  Biola has been awarded over $2,350,000 in grants since 2012!!  This has only been possible with the intense support from Biola community members who have showed up at meetings to support grant efforts or who have signed petitions in support of specific grants.  The VFW, Biola Chamber of Commerce, and the Biola Community Development Corporation have been especially important because their support shows the state and federal government agencies that the citizens of Biola are strongly behind the project.  It is also important to know that the time between a grant application and the actual completion of a project can be several years. 

Recent grants received include:

1)    Four corners sidewalks and lights at Biola Ave and G Street.(complete 2013)

2)      Biola Ave Water line, (complete 2015)

3)      Third street water line.   (complete 2015)

4)       E and G Street water lines,  (complete 2016)

5)      West side of Biola Ave sidewalks.  (will begin July 2016)

Our plan at BCSD is to keep this level of infrastructure improvement going.  Pending projects that have been started in this past year:

  1. BCSD has received a planning grant to make major improvements in our water system.  This  $347,000 grant will pay for all the engineering and other preliminary  work for upgrading all our valves, hydrants, meters old water lines, and the addition of storage tanks for fire safety.  We will use the results of this grant to immediately apply for a construction grant to complete all the work.  This construction grant will be larger than all other grants combined but will most likely be a couple years in the future.
  2. Fresno County received a grant on our behalf to install sidewalks on G Street from 7th to 5th.  This project has been approved but will not be completed until 2018-19 year.  That will add $637,000 for improvement of our main street.
  3. The USDA Community Facilities grant to upgrade the parking lot at the community center.  That should total $30,000 during this fiscal year. This grant is pending.
  4. We have submitted a $250,000  planning grant to review the feasibility of converting the sewer system from aerated lagoons to a recycling process.   This grant is pending approval at the state.
  5. The Fresno County Alternative Transportation Program (ATP) Grant is currently awaiting submission.  This grant would add sidewalks, curbs, gutters and drainage to the east side of Biola Ave from Shaw Ave to the Post Office.  It is estimated to be between $760,000 and $1,000,000.  If Fresno County is awarded this grant, estimated time of completion would be 2020.
  6. BCSD will reapply for the 2016-17 CDBG grant cycle for another $250,000 for sidewalks, curbs, gutters and storm drainage on the east side of Biola Ave from E Street to the Post Office. 
  7. BCSD is considering a large grant to assist in installing storm drainage for the entire town of Biola.  This would involve installing curbs, gutters and drains everywhere in Biola and a larger ponding basin south of the Polycell building.  This would be a large grant requiring strong support from the community.

How do we receive the money?  Fresno County or the State Department of Water Resources, depending on where the money is coming, will usually send money to BCSD and BCSD will immediately send a check to the construction company or the engineering company to cover costs.

Thanks so much for your continued support!!!