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Construction Notice to Residents- Biola Community Sidewalk Improvements Project

A construction notice for sidewalk improvements in the Biola community with attention signs, contact info, and a completion date.

Beginning June 17, 2024 work will commence for the Biola Community Sidewalk Improvements project on Biola Avenue from Shaw Avenue to G Street. Construction activities will primarily consist of storm drain, electrical, concrete and asphalt improvements. During construction roads and walkways may be subject to intermittent traffic control. We apologize for the inconvenience; however, the end product will benefit all when completed. It is anticipated that all work will be complete on or before September 11, 2024.
We shall appreciate your cooperation in the following matters:
1. Please be alert when driving or walking in the construction area.
2. Be aware of any detours or lane closures.
3. Tools, materials and equipment are attractive to children. For the safety of the
children, please keep them away.
4. Please report all inconvenience to the foreman on the job or call our office in
Fresno at 559.255.1222.


After hours numbers 559.217.9799 & 559.304.3956
Dave Christian Construction Co., Inc. is performing this work for Fresno County.
We will endeavor to complete this work as rapidly as possible and with a minimum
inconvenience to you.

English and Spanish Flyer Notice to Residents 6.12.24