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BCSD Board Of Directors Meeting 2020 Special 9/23/20

*SPECIAL NOTICE REGARDING PUBLIC PARTICIPATION DUE TO COVID-19* Given the current Shelterin-Place Order covering the State of California and the Social Distance Guidelines issued by Federal, State, and Local Authorities, BCSD is implementing the following changes for attendance and public comment at all BCSD meetings until notified otherwise. BCSD facilities will not be open to the public. Any member of the Board of Directors may participate from a remote location by teleconference. The BCSD meeting will be accessible via live-streaming online to all members of the public on May 21st at: 
BiolaCSD Facebook Page:  Biola Community Center - Hall Rental 
BiolaCSD Website:
For all written comments please provide: Meeting Date - Agenda Item Number - Name - Comment (please limit to 300 words or 3 minutes). Please submit a separate responses for each item you are commenting on. Any portion of your comment extending past three (3) minutes may not be read aloud due to time restrictions, but will be made part of the record of proceedings. Please be aware that any public comments received that do not specify a particular agenda item will be read aloud during the general public comment portion of the agenda. If a written comment is received less than one hour before the start of the meeting, efforts will be made to read the comment into the record. However, staff cannot guarantee that written comments received less than one hour before will be read. All written comments that are not read into the record will be made part of the record of proceedings, provided that such comments are received prior to the end of the First 5 meeting. Verbal Comments. If you wish to speak to the Commission on the item by telephone, you must contact Eduardo Antunez at (559) 843-2657 or by email at no later than one hour prior to the start of the meeting. You will be asked to provide your name, phone number, and email address. You will be emailed detailed instructions on how to participate verbally via Zoom. You will be placed on mute until we get to the public comment portion of the item you have requested to address. At this point you will be unmuted. You will be able to speak to the Commission for up to three (3) minutes.